Do you need a freelance technical copywriter and content developer who knows how to reach high-tech audiences?

What does it take to successfully market the value of your high-tech products and services in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace? To differentiate your offers and achieve your marketing objectives, you need a freelance technical copywriter and content developer who has the knowledge and industry experience to capture what your customers consider to be superior to your competitors.

My personal interests and enrichment provide you with focused advice and industry insight in a manner that few freelance technical copywriters can compete with. I am immersed in and enjoy technology—so I "get" what you do and understand what you need done.

Because I am passionate about understanding how complex things work and eager to identify the advantages of your cutting-edge methods, techniques, and products, the work I do for you engages me on more than just a business level. I relate easily with your technical experts, ask the right questions, understand and know how to react to your needs, then quickly put together accurate drafts of persuasive content that link the superior technology of your offerings directly to the needs of your potential customers.

You win in the marketplace with strong, fresh, and understandable marketing content that truly expresses your message, resonates with your customers, and communicates your distinct advantage and superiority. As you execute excellence throughout the marketing process, you quickly build trust, making your customers feel confident in you and in their decision to select your company, products, and services.