Most of my new business is the result of satisfied clients recommending my work to friends and colleagues.

I help companies build lasting relationships with high-tech and industrial audiences. Since 1989, I have specialized in crafting strong, fresh, and understandable content for companies with complex offers. My most useful gift of curiosity gives me both depth and breadth and helps me think creatively about things from a variety of eclectic perspectives. My passion for technology helps me collaborate fruitfully with technical experts, gather input efficiently, and create persuasive content that directly links unique capabilities to customer needs.

An M.A. from the University of Georgia's Grady School of Journalism and M.S. in Technical Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University provided me with an understanding of the techniques and principles behind writing and marketing and facilitated my career that began as a communications teacher, then moved to freelance documentation writer, and evolved into freelance technical copywriter and content developer.

Since then, and for more than 20 years, high-tech and industrial companies have relied on me to reach potential customers with compelling and persuasive copy for everything from automated assembly lines to geotechnical systems, lithium batteries, water-treatment plants, smart devices, and computer hardware and software packages (with a special emphasis on IBM offerings).

The tightly written material I produce for my clients' sophisticated products and services helps potential customers instantly understand the value of the offerings and then makes those customers want it.